SEPA weeks 07-10

An automat
But *who* made the pies and *how* were they made?

The (small) risk with writing weeknotes is having a run of weeks where there’s nothing much to say or where there’s nothing much you should say.

Here’s what I will say: we are working in the organisation at a time of enormous change. Broadly that means the staff we are working with have a lot of different demands on their time so focus on the service design piece has been diluted. IMHO it also means the landscape view emerging from our research/discovery feels overwhelming and needs time to be understood in the face of so much change. Service design reveals gnarly challenges and seeing them through can be scary. While I’m super excited about the wave of takeup for service design in public services, what people mostly see are the good news stories and post-it rapture. We should talk more about failure and the *work* involved in getting to those good news stories.

We have welcomed a new team member, a SEPA member of staff who will act as our ‘product owner.’ PO isn’t a natural fit in our current phase or approach, however, the organisation is keen to embrace agile working and so moulds the roles and ceremonies that come with that to fit needs. Our PO is an endlessly fascinating and talented man who has been very useful to our research piece as a subject matter expert and as someone who is dead keen on improvement and doing things differently.

We have just over a month left and to be honest, I don’t know where we’re headed. We do have an enormous amount of qualitative data from depth interviews and ideation workshops so I’m keen to continue interaction and move into a co-creation/prototyping phase. The next trick is to isolate the ideas to explore as the structure of the organisation is moving and shifting right now.

I will also say this: understanding the differences between service design, UX and UI design and agreeing needs inside your organisation before commissioning external support is key.

Watch this space…

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